Thursday, January 28, 2010


I made a manchego style cheese last night (1/27/10)... and learned a few things.

1. Costco milk is probably the culprit for poor curd break - don't buy that stuff anymore for making cheese.

2. It's tough making cheese after work during the week - I will end up staying up 'til midnight or later, even starting at 6pm. Not too bad, except that waking up at 5am isn't too much fun the next day.

3. Pressing cheese needs a contraption. I saw one guy's blog where he created a simple one out of 2x4 and pipe. I think I'll go that route, adding my dumbell weights - simple, cheap, and easy.

4. I think I'll age this one in the wine room at a warmer temp than the other cheeses which will be in the beer fridge.

That is all for now. I need to enter my manchego schedule into my calendar so I don't forget any steps... speaking of which, the bleu needs turning and the brie's are starting to get fuzzy. Cool.

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