Thursday, February 21, 2013

Car Guys

I was at an APWA luncheon yesterday and the conversation turned to car guys.  I'm a self-described car guy... probably inherited from my dad.  It feels like there is an immediate connection with other car guys, having come across them in different circles.

At any rate, the discussion yesterday got me reminiscing about when I spent a lot of time in college wrenching on cars - a couple Cadillac restorations of mine along with various other cars of friends.  I had to dig up some old photos - some of them are at the end of this posting.

The ASI Auto Center at Cal Poly may have taught me just as much as what I learned in class.  The Learn By Doing motto was in full practice at the Auto Center.  It was a sad day when they closed the Auto Center.  We tried to save it, but it didn't happen.

These days, my wrenching seems to be limited to very rare occurances like when it was time to replace the brake fluid in the WRX - great opportunity to switch to braided stainless brake lines and high performance pads and fluid.

Mostly I get my car guy fix with the annual Car Guy Weekend with Dear 'Ole Dad.  This year we plan to hit the Pismo Beach car show on Father's Day weekend.  The last time we saw it was 23 years ago... wow, time flies!  I'm sure it's an even bigger show these days.

Okay, on with the photos...