Monday, January 25, 2010

First Brie Cheese

This Saturday (Jan. 23) I made three little brie's! I think they'll be a lot easier than the bleu, but maybe more of a crapshoot whether they turn out or not.

The curds didn't form as I expected or had seen in the past - more like a ricotta break. So I added more rennett and cooked a little more (with temps ending up higher than I wanted again). Still no good break, so I probably overcooked them (again making it drier than ideal?). Overall, as you can see in the photo, they did come out of the moulds okay (speaking of which, I made moulds from cut-up 2-liter soda bottles and they worked pretty well). I tasted them this morning and it was more of a chevre consistency - sort of reflects the ricotta-type "curd" break. Recipe for all three included 1 gallon of whole milk plus a quart of whipping cream. Maybe the whipping cream is what did it? Both were just pasteurized (not ultra).

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