Thursday, March 11, 2010

San Carlos budget woes

Yep, our City (San Carlos) is in dire budgetary straights... along with many other Cities, Counties, and States. I thought I’d share a great article by one of our bright council members (seriously, this guy’s got a good head on his shoulders):

I could go on for pages about what I think we should do... but the gist of my thoughts are – the City needs to become more flexible to more quickly react to various economic conditions; and we should pay for what we get (i.e. use taxes) – the General Fund just seems so irresponsible. I want to see a nexus between the City’s income and the City’s expenses. That way, the public can be more easily educated, and others are held more responsible for the City’s budget.  Don't get me wrong - I don't think it's all the City's fault - it's the fault of circumstance, history, and the State... and don't get me going on about the State!

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