Wednesday, March 31, 2010

front yard update

Somehow the little project in the front yard just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I thought we were on our way to wrapping things up.  It was great to rent a 65# jackhammer and break up the old steps - made quick work of it - broke it up and loaded the 1/2 ton of debris in the truck in an hour... then found the first in a series of 3 clay pipe drains.  The first we found was one that seems to come diagonally from the center of the garage.  This looked clear, so we decided we needed to keep it - we connected it to our new-ish drain system in the front.  The other two lines were filled with dirt, so figured there was no need to connect those!

We decided to put the outfall with the other two we found a couple weeks ago.  Then we kind of covered them up a little with the stone.  We have kind of figured out what we are going to do with this space... so look for more photos in the coming weeks... it will involve more stone, and now also sprinkler work and maybe some lighting.  Oh yeah, and a new tree (isn't this how it all started - just replace the tree?!).

After a weekend's worth of hard work, the perfect way to finish it was a glass of our newly ready Moose Drool clone.  I know, perfect name - I should have made a label with our dog, Moose, drooling!  And I promise there is no actual Moose drool in the beer.

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