Monday, February 22, 2010

Saw Wicked

We saw Wicked on Sunday. What a fabulous show - definitely a must-see.  The tie-in's to the movie were fun to discover.  First we met Kurt and his wife, Dee, at the HiDive in San Francisco.  Even though it was pouring rain and Megan and I got drenched during the 7 block walk from the BART station, it was worth it.  The staff at the HiDive are lots of fun, the food was great, and the drinks even better.  We took an "interesting" cab ride to the theater and all thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Apparently cab drivers are quite a competitive group in The City.

The theater show (as opposed to the cab ride show), Wicked, reinforces the idea that there are always multiple perspectives to a story.  Sometimes I need reminding that there could always be an explanation I don't expect - and, as my dear 'ole dad taught me, never assume.  "You know what happens when you assume things..."  Many times I find that it's quite beneficial if I wait to get all the stories, or ask the right questions, to find those other perspectives.

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