Monday, February 22, 2010

Opened a brie

Partly I got anxious, but I also just wanted to see how the cheese was progressing on the inside. Since I have 3 going, I thought opening one wouldn't be a huge sacrifice... in the name of science. What I found was a normal brie crust as you can tell from the outside. Inside that was a very thin layer of creamy gooey brie. Inside that (majority of the cheese) was a still firm and kind of chalky but creamy (not gooey) cheese. The crust tasted fine. The gooey layer tasted great. The inside didn't taste very good. The first bite wasn't bad, but later bites were less desirable. Megan thought it smelled bad. Since I don't smell good, I couldn't tell. Maybe that was just her excuse to not try it. I'm sure she's scared to... and I don't blame her, I suppose.

At only 4 weeks old, I suppose I didn't expect too much for a cheese that is supposed to age 3 months. At least I confirmed they should get the full 3 months of aging before I open them up. For the one I opened, I took a slice out of the middle, pushed the two ends together, and re-wrapped. We'll see how that fares as well.

Speaking of wrapping. I tried the clear cellophane cheese wraps (supposedly meant for wrapping mold-ripened cheeses). I didn't wrap all the bries with this, I wrapped one with just this wrap, one with this wrap plus wax paper over it, and I kept one wrapped with wax paper. The cellophane ones had a ton of water droplets, whereas the wax paper seems to sort of absorb it and be happy. I thought the water droplets were probably bad, so I re-wrapped everything with just the wax paper.

Photo quality is poor since I used my phone that only wants to take 12k photos.


  1. Tom C here. Awesome Jason. I would like to know more about making cheese. Wife and I traveled to France, enjoying some mighty fine cheese. But, cannot find a reasonable equivalent locally due to America's highly scientific/hygiene cheese making process. Anyhow.I'll check back on your fun project.

  2. Hey Tom C and other cheese enthusiasts... I added some links to the front page of my blog. These are some great resources if you're interested in getting into the hobby. It's very helpful to see what others are doing and how your efforts compare - like, what's this cheese supposed to look like at various stages?! Is there anything wrong with it? I think it's similar to beer - no matter what, you'll make cheese, it's just a question of whether it's good cheese or not. Similar to beer as well, it seems as though temperature control can have a great impact on whether or not a cheese turns out good... I should write a whole blog about that.