Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Real Estate - want to know more?

My dad published his latest e-book a couple weeks ago on Amazon.  It's based on the real estate practice textbook he wrote 20 years ago.  There is updated and condensed information in a much more accessible format.  I have personally found some of the information helpful in business practice even outside of real estate sales.

I encourage you to check it out for youself!  If you do, please leave a review and/or e-mail me about what you liked and how we can improve the next edition.  If there is a follow-up related book you would like to see, I'm sure he would be open to that suggestion too!

Real Estate Primer [Kindle Edition]

From the Amazon page description:

This book has been developed from experiences both "in the trenches" of real estate sales activities and from teaching practical techniques at community colleges, National University, and in brokerage offices. It is hoped that both the new licensee and old-hands looking for a new start will find in this text a refreshing perspective on the various topics covered.

Rather than a rehash of real estate practices, this book is intended to be a “how to” book. It describes current issues and relevant data from the viewpoint of a salesperson. It is designed to show how modern methods of communication, social networking, can be used but not without always falling back to the basics. People sign contracts, people buy homes. Without human contact and interaction, nothing can be accomplished.

The Real Estate Primer, a ‘how-to’ book rather than a textbook…
This won’t get you past the state exam, but it will get you started in your new life!

When I started in real estate brokerage in 1970, I was shown which desk to use, asked if I had given the secretary my name for business cards, and wished good luck – that was my training and my introduction to the business. Had I been armed with only what is in this book, my first “try” at real estate might have been much different.

Everything you need today will either be offered by your broker – where is the restroom? What forms do we use? Or, you will find it in this book.

So, move forward with my best wishes.
William Mansfield

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