Monday, September 17, 2012

12 Easy Steps for a Free Real Estate Appraisal

My dad just published his appraisal workbook – suitable as a supplement for any textbook – ‘12 Easy Steps For A Free Real Estate Appraisal’. Go to and search ‘real estate appraisal’. Then, to shorten the search, sort by price – low to high. Excellent classroom project and an easy guide for consumers as well!

What follows is a 12-step process that will help the homeowner / buyer, or the student of appraisal create a finished, professional looking appraisal report that is both FREE AND EASY.

When you are stating the factual information regarding the property, try to be as accurate and unbiased as possible. When making the valuation decisions recognize the importance of comparison to property that is truly similar to the subject property.

Please do not be concerned with the dollar values used in the examples. They are simply that, examples. For your subject property you may need to multiply by 5 or add a zero to the end of the number. This does not affect the process. Whether appraising subdivision homes, condominiums, or fabulous beachfront estates, the rules of appraisal remain the same.

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