Thursday, July 1, 2010

First real ride of the season

After more than a few rides at Waterdog, I think we were all anxious to go on a "real" ride.  Waterdog is actually somewhat technical and is decent exercise, especially with the newer trails... but it gets old fast.  It's also a little crowded and feels a little urban.  Isn't mountain biking an excuse to get away from the hustle and bustle and out into the wilderness a bit?  We definitely got that at Purisima during this week's weekly ride.  Purisima is a nice ride, and with daylight savings, we can get the 2-hour ride in after work and before dark.  The challenge with Purisima is the 4-mile, 1,400-foot climb at the end.  At an average speed of 4mph, that's a 1-hour constant climb back to the top.  My knee is complaining today!  Hopefully my knee feels better in a day or two, ready for some great rides up in Reno this weekend.
Jason Y., Jason M., and Denise... ready for our 1-hour climb...

Jason M. and Savior appreciating the surroundings...

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